Thursday, 15 February 2007

ACCU conference

How better to kick off my technoblog than to mention the upcoming ACCU conference, and, of course, my involvement in it :-)

For anyone wondering what the ACCU is, it stands for the Association of C and C++ Users, but its membership covers a broader range of, mostly C-family, languages (inc. Java, C# and a number of dynamic languages). The group has a number of industry names in its fold - and a friendly, pub-like, atmosphere.
The conference is, according to many, the best programming related conference around, attracting top names such as Stroustrup, Sutter, Alexandrescu, Meyers and many others. At the same time many of the unlettered membership are given the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants, and this year I'll be one of them!

My presentation is on the subject of "Meta-Intelligent Programming", and is a continuation of my "Organic Programming" concept that I kicked off at the ACCU conference three years ago. I'll start writing more about Organic programming itself in my dedicated blog ( - but suffice to say that it is not about programming, per se, but rather about how we use our minds (and bodies) more effectively in a software development environment. Think "NLP for software development" and you won't be far out. It mixes in a lot of Tony Buzan stuff too.

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