Tuesday, 13 May 2008

ACCU 2008: On Snowflakes and Architecture - Steve Love

"A talk on how architectural decisions in software can influence its design, and affect different aspects of the whole thing, specifically its adaptability, testability, portability and maintainability..." More details (and slides) here

ACCU Conference 2008

Last month I attended the 2008 ACCU Conference.
Needless to say it was awesome!
There were a few things that came up during the conference that I hope to blog about in the near future. I won't be doing session breakdowns (others have been doing a good job there - I'll try and post some links).
However, while I was there I took a number of videos of the sessions. At the time this was for my own purposes - I could only attend one session at a time - but others running in parallel looked so tempting... Videoing seemed the ideal solution.
Being for my own purposes the quality wasn't of paramount importance. Room noise, peoples heads, clipping of the beginning and/ or end were all evident.

But quite a few people asked if I would make the videos available for them to see too. Enough people that I thought I'd see what was possible.
I have had no objections from the conference committee, and none (so far) from the presenters I have asked directly.
Therefore I have begun the process of uploading the video files to YouTube (*update - YouTube rejected them as they were too long, so I'm putting them on Google Video instead = so far so good).